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Exhibition "Libertés" by Jean Turco and Christophe Labarde

La Galerie Anne et Just Jaeckin, in collaboration with 2 Art Angels, presents Jean Turco and Christophe Labarde.

Jean Turco has been published in many photography books and is an important reference in photography today. He is included in many collections around the world as a master photographer.

Christophe Labarde is a journalist, producer and director. He continues to roam the planet with a notebook in hand, camera around his neck and a box of watercolors in his pocket.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, Jean Turco burned dozens of negatives accumulated in the first part of his life in order to better return to himself.

Christophe Labarde, has continued to juggle his different lives, between past and present, always in love with words and images, which come to fruition today in a digital magazine of a new genre, "The Lazarus company" for which he develops his series "The Daily."

Two art Angels brings these two artists together and their works unite seamlessly. Reflecting both curious and generous artists who are animated by the same desire to share their convictions, their doubts, their quests, their enthusiasm.

Two men always on the go who love the world and their surroundings and who find balance between life and work in all freedom!!!

Dont miss this exhibition which starts today:


19 Rue Guénégaud, 75006 Paris

Phone: 01 43 26 73 65

June 9-June 21

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 1pm-7pm

Opening is Thursday June 9 at 6:30pm

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