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Schiaparelli's fall/winter 2016/17 Circus-Inspired Collection

It's all in the details!!! The famous luxury couture brand Schiaparelli has always been about the details and this year's show is pure perfection from the sculpted shoulder pads, embroidered and jeweled fabrics, to the elongated and elegant lines and don't forget the clutch to go with the look.

The historic fashion house took inspiration from its own Circus-inspired range of 1938 so the playfulness and elegance that we expect from Schiaparelli is still there ten fold. The dresses shine and sparkle in bedazzling and rich fabrics, suits are adorned with gold metal circus motifs inspired from Elsa Schiaparelli's collaborations with Jean Cocteau, stars become diamonds and harmoniously create patterns, dresses are architectural yet feminine in grace, and transparency and exposed skin create a seductive allure.

Seeing and touching the dresses in person at the Place Vendome showroom was a breathtaking experience. This years collection is one of Schiaparelli's finest and in my humble opinion the most elegant haute couture collection of the season.

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