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GEORGINE Celebrates a Throwback to 90’s Grunge Glam!!!

Goodbye baggy thrift store style! In designer Georgine Ratelban’s Spring/Summer 17 collection pairs the classic plaid with black combat boots while taking on a new feminine silhouette.

Texture is highlighted with cadmium red lace, black mesh, metallic stripes and cutouts and integrated flawlessly into tailored sheaths. Throughout the collection, nods to the classic punk signifier the “safety pin”, appear as the featured embroidered icon on a classic black tee or as the hourglass seams holding together a leather bustier dress. Adorned with acid yellow biker jackets, fur coats and heart-shaped clutches this collection of uptown meets downtown offers unique pieces that will stomp their way into your wardrobe with a sense of feminine power.

The classic TRENCH goes PUNK ROCK with a new cut, lace and leather detailing!!!

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