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They Lived Happily Ever After & Then They Died!!! Gif Vanitas by Kiszkiloszki

Good news! Youre all gonna die.

And if you didn’t know it yet, just have a look at Kiszkiloszki’s work, which is full of this kind of cheerful thoughts.

This lovely person’s real name is Kajetan Obarski.

He defines his work as « short animations about my true love to mankind».

His animations are also the kind of treasures that make you grateful for Internet. And Art. And History. And Humor. And, well...Kiszkiloszki.

As we wanted to know a bit more about this man, we interrupted his occult activities to

ask him a few questions, and here’s what happened.

Hi! How are you today?

Bad. As always. However I’ve learned how to deal with this feelings, so I can tell that I’m ok today. How are you?

I’m ok. I had breakfast this morning, which is rare enough to make me think this is not a bad day ( I’m not very ambitious about my happiness goals).

Anyway, where did it come from, this habit of hijacking masterpieces into wonderful horrors?

Well. There are many reasons for sure. First of all, art is one of the few things in this world that I really appreciate. In the same time the pathos and gravity of the situation in classical art makes me laugh derisively. This are only paintings but they present the whole palette of human feelings, dreams and desires. In some way this is a form of presenting the most important aspects of existence. You know. Life is beautiful. Love is sweet. Power is appreciated. God is a saviour. Flowers are nice and cats are cute. I don't care about all of this. My animations seem to be a kind of funny for everyone but behind the curtain of a laughter is a gloomy guy who really hates the world ruled by those paradigms. By ruining all these nice pictures I send greetings to all of you. Peace and love.

Why do you use only paintings as a raw material? (and not photographs or movies for example)

I don’t. I already started to use other materials in my animations but probably nobody really see it yet. There will be more and more. If there is anybody who thinks that I’m going to ruined only paintings to the end of my life then.. I’m sorry. It’s not going to happen. Ten years from now you wouldn’t ask me this question.

Close call! How do you choose the paintings you are going to reroute? Do you choose them because of the story you want to tell? Or does the story comes when you see the painting? Basically, which one comes first? The story or the painting?

The story is in the painting. I just show what I see. I rarely use paintings to tell other stories. When I create episodes of the Death Fairy Tales or other random animations I use everything I can. Paintings, pictures from public domain and my own photographs as well. You can even see parts of my body from my very own photos but I’m not going to tell you where you can find my legs or eyes.

Do you like octopus?

Yes. It’s a really nice animal but unfortunately for octopus, it’s also very tasty.

What artist do you hate?

Much of them, but I don’t want to start a war.

What did you study? Any connection with art or animation? Or did you learn by yourself?

We’re not going to talk about my education because there is nothing to talk about. I prefer to study by myself. I struggled with the collective education, mainly because of my comfort zone that quickly narrowed. It got to the point that today, if you are standing 5 meters from me, you are slightly starting violating my personal inviolability. To answer your question. I'm a self-taught.

What object would you like to eradicate?

The Internet. Would be funny. The whole world would cry like a baby, and this would make me smile. For real, the Internet gives us so much but in the same time I feel that it took a lot from us.

Do you live off your gif activity? If not, What do you do for a living?

I try to do so. From time to time I'm commissioned to make some works for companies and cultural/art institutions. This, some savings and kind people who became my patrons (by Patreon) helped me to spend the last 6 months in front of my computer. It makes me believe that an animation is not only my future job but a present one. However my “full freelancing lifestyle” is still under construction.

One thing for which mankind deserves to disappear?

One thing? Ha ha.

What do you care about?

Art in general. So, music, photography, cinematography, literature and so on. I would like to include the philosophy to this conversation. If not these things I would probably refuse to be born

Is there another Gif Maker that you like? Or are you the only one out there that is worth looking at?

There is few of them but I’m not into the GIF WORLD at all. I don’t really do gifs. There is a thing. I prefer to call it “a short animation, saved in a gif format”. I never wanted to make a real gif art. You know. Looped artsy stuff. I just wanted to tell short stories. The gif format allows me to share these stories because it’s more practical than 3-second videos on Youtube. If I would chose the video format you wouldn’t call me a Gif Maker.

Of those who use gif format to present their animations I like the great Colin Raff, Sweet Ori Toor’s Loopism, James Kerr’s religious jokes and 3D stuff from Adam Pizurny.

Well, I looked into your Facebook account, and I saw that you have a list of questions to which you will always answer «no». I’m gonna try it anyway: Will you marry me?

No. Nothing personal. I’m just not a masochist.

Oh...! I’ll have to give back this white dress. And cancel the fireworks. Let’s wrap this up so I can go scream into a pillow. Our next issue will be Locomotion. So....What is your favorite vehicle?

My couch. For sure.

To finish, is there a question you would like to be asked, but never are?

“What is your bank account number?"

If you want to see more of this gentleman’s work, it’s this way:

And if you want to become this man’s boss:

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