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On Friday we got very lucky to be invited to the CUBE Showroom in the Marais in Paris. We saw brands, such as James 0706, Jinumo, Kit Woo, CUT+TSO and many more international and most of all Asian brands. In the beginning of the evening we saw only black and all the clothing looked like one brand. However, after taking some time exploring and appreciating the details we saw the differences in between the cuts, styles and fabrics.

We were happy to have the possibility to talk to every designer so he could show us his collection in detail and explain what makes his brand special and different from others.

So we want you to have the pleasure to see impressions of the evening we had at the CUBE SHOWROOM in the Marais.

We want to show you some parts of the Lookbooks from the following brands: JINUMO (Malaysia) and Kit Woo(Thailand)




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