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Guo Pei Couture SS17 Collection is Royalty at its Finest

China’s most renowned couturier, Guo Pei, is an extraordinary designer with boundless creativity. Her gowns are other-worldly even if they are deeply inspired by fashion history!! They go beyond what we know to glimmer a mysterious world brought to light by one of the most creative designers in the world.

The show opened in the dark as the first model entered the corridor of the Conciergerie in a glowing gown. Already the applause had begun. Then the lights came on and a crowned wood-fairy queen in a transparent gown with mounting deep green and black jeweled vines and a long trailing train entered. Our eyes were fixated and our anticipation for the show was already peaked.

Every gown was a work of art. An inspiration for creativity and our minds were buzzing with delight. The gowns were inspired by royalty, papal gowns, fairy tales and nature. The fabrics, craftsmanship, and jeweled accessories were masterly crafted.

Guo Pei strives for perfection and artistry and this collection is the pinnacle of haute couture. Every detail of these amazing gowns are painstakingly crafted with sometimes 1000s of hours of embroidery and detailing. Even the insides of these robes that will never be seen are exquisite. The gown inspired by Russian Fabergé eggs is an example as the interior is completely inlaid with beading.

We are excited to follow this amazing artist as she brings her vision and beauty to the rest of the world.

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