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Refined Elegance Rules the Runway in Miguel Vieira’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection!

Miguel Vieira, known for his clean lines and minimal palette, continues to wow us with the refined elegance of his Fall/Winter 2017 collection where all of the attention is placed in the details.

Miguel Vieira's Fall/Winter 2017 Collection photographed by Dan Lecca Photography

Limited to the simplicity of black, white and ivory, the eye immediately investigates the subtle variations of material and pattern, such as the windowpane plaid print that is present throughout the collection, yet shifts from a clean perpendicular line to an edgy angled brush mark. Vieira’s menswear achieves a formal sophistication with tailored pea coats and blazers paired with turtlenecks, yet still retains a youthful edge through the slim-fit pant with casually-rolled cuffs that appears in each look.

In more casual attire, sweaters and jackets embellished with blocks of Bosnian stitched leather cord, still carry cohesion through Vieira’s unique styling of this season’s accessories. Leather key-clipped wallets hang from oversized skinny belts that knot and extend to the knee, creating a modern take on the utility belt. We can’t blame Vieira for showing off the goods. With accessories this beautifully crafted, why hide them away in a back pocket. Another accessory, the cross body leather bag and oversized clutch, appear equally throughout both mens and womenswear offering a welcomed crossover from Vieira’s typical use of socio-normative silhouettes. This crossover is also reflected in the inclusion of a wide-leg pant and tailored-jumpsuit in the Fall/Winter 2017 womenswear.

In fact, it is within womenswear that Vieira takes the most risks through the use of oversized pintuck detailing and exaggerated proportions in coats, jackets and dresses paired with thigh-high leather boots that play between lightness and heaviness in the body. Yet, regardless of gender, Vieira puts forth a collection that congers an aura of confidence, strength and sophistication that anyone would want to attain as their second skin.

Miguel Vieira's Fall/Winter 2017 Collection photographed by Dan Lecca Photography

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