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Stephane Rolland, Fall/Winter 2017 - Haute Couture, Backstage with Iris Brosch

Stephane Rolland, Fall/Winter Haute Couture, the Black and White Master's 10 year anniversary collection at the Paris Opera Bastille.

A homage to a decade of artistic inspiration.

This collection, as explained by Stephane, "I trace my line. Essential, minimalist. Shoulders spread into curves and skirts slowly widen.Under deep openings, the body reveals itself. The allure is grand, determined." It was by far the best collection of minimalism, inspired by the arts of Calder, Franz Hagenauer, Kurt Freiler and Jerry Fels.

There was also the presence of his longtime friend and inspiration, Top Model, Nieves Alvarez. Who comments in an interview,

"His work is art, it's architecture, it's femininity and strength at the same time. It is meant for a woman who wants to be strong, yet still very feminine and elegant. Every time I have had the chance to wear his clothes, they made me feel really special."

The runway show had other surprises that went beyond the collection of couture such as the renowned pianist Claire-Marie Le Guay who started with Ravel's Valse and one of the most adored French Mezzo-Soprano Béatrice Uria Monzon who sang along with the Le Guay on Puccini's Tosca Act.II.

The collection was a genius use of space and artistic functions to adorn Rolland's grand achievement of minimalist femininity. Such as the tangled branches inspired by Freiler and Fels, to the "annoblishments" that gain inspiration by Calder, giving Stephane's minimalism a strength, and the totem of gold on a cubic black gown inspired by the Austrian artist Franz Hagenauer.

Arriving at the end of his first decade, Stephane Rolland did not fail to express his love for minimalism and play of movement that is a mastery of feminine beauty.

Stephane Rolland's Muse and Top Model, Nieves Alvarez

Renowned pianist Claire-Marie Le Guay and French Mezzo-Soprano Béatrice Uria Monzon

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