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Gaultier, Fall/Winter 2017 - Haute Couture photos by Iris Brosch

Creating a flurry, Gaultier delivers winter for his Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017 Collection.

As always, the runways of Gaultier are more than amusing they also have their purpose in getting people "in the spirit". In the spirit for a Winter-Wonderland!

July in Paris, 30 degrees outside under the hot summer sun, and Gaultier makes it snow. A blizzard really, as this was no light-fluff; the upcoming collection itself was a blizzard. Blowing in and giving us everything that we want, warm winter knits mixed with exotic draping to give us an envy for snowflakes, ice rinks and for Gaultier style.

He, of course, created an array of sophisticated knit-wear (with broad kimono-shoulders), however sticking to his childish aesthetics he decided it was important to include in the collection a mix of evening saris to add a touch of exotic elegance and whimsical movement.

No one likes the cold but we all love to dress for the Winter season, with Gaultier's mix of Winter-Summer we can all embrace the cold and feel amused while doing it.

A quick mention should be given to the names of some of the pieces in this collection: Anna Winter, Coq Ring, Lady Gla Gla, Robe in Hood. You have to love Gaultier and his endless creativity!!

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