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Ksenia Usacheva “Un Goût de Contemplation” at the Institut Du Monde Arabe Sept 22-24

“Un Goût de Contemplation”is not as a simple title to an exhibition. Instead it is an invitation to enter into a universe with an extraordinary sensation of being caught in a dream. Photographer Ksenia Usacheva brings inanimate objects to life and transforms real humans into still lifes. She playfully deconstructs the world to create a more enjoyable universe, providing new perspectives for audiences. The visual dynamics presented throughout the collection, immerses the viewer into the universe of this talented artist.

Ksenia Usacheva “Un Goût de Contemplation”

"I let myself be guided by my inspirations and my understanding of beauty, resulting in the mix of personal perception

and technique of substance." - Ksenia Usacheva

Ksenia Usacheva “Un Goût de Contemplation”

Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Ksenia Usacheva grew up in the Far East of Russia. Since her adolescence, she was submerged in the artistic world where she learned to appreciate and merge art and images with graphic art

techniques. Consistent travel on both Asian and European continents helped her develop her personal artistic vision.

At the age of 18, she began her education at a specialized photography school to help perfect her skills all the while hosting workshops in Russia and abroad. Photography dominated her early career as she captured intense imagery from every corner of the world. Ksenia moved to Paris four years ago. The city has captured her imagination and continues to inspire new techniques to her creative works. The richness of this urban environment, mixed with ancient beauty has allowed her to discover photography in all industries (fashion, sports, tourism, etc.).

For two days, September 22-24, you can see her amazing photographs at the Institut Du Monde Arabe

1 Rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard, 75005 Paris

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