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An Energised & Empowered WOMAN was Evident Throughout London Fashion Week.

On the 15th of September, Jayne Pierson presented her collection entitled ‘… and God Created Woman’ conceptualising the story of the contemporary woman and the dichotomy of spirituality and survival, which is described as a time traveller who has learnt to survive by whatever means. She is the woman who has learned from the past and is empowered for the future. By collaborating with the contemporary painter Neale Howells, the collection integrates hand hand-printed leathers, denim and cottons to express the ‘art driven’ nature of the the fashion house, exploring the limits of the domain of fashion and the identity of the contemporary woman. As a mother of twin girls, of whom the 11 year old aspiring model Molly participated in the show, is shown here embracing her mother as it ended, both adorned with fabrics handprinted by her family friend Neale Howells.

On the 16th of September 19.04 presented a playful collection designed for a bold, independent & fashion driven modern day woman complimented by an abundance of sweet treats and floral arrangements.

Dans La Vie Rira Sugwara demonstrated a rebellious streak with clashing prints, textures and colours which push the boundaries of conventional beauty and endeavour to abolish gender lines in fashion. By using male models for the first time in her career to showcase the unisex designs, encouraged by the title ‘Genderless Mode’ raised the question of if we can imagine a future where fashion is not determined by gender?

IRK magazine was frontline at the FJU Talents fashion show on the 17th of September where Ina Hsu demonstrated a feminine romance with a dark distinction for young women with strong personalities. Shun Yu's collection was inspired by gaining power from pain and sacrifice and Shing Luen Liou utilised fashion to express express contemporary aesthetics. Yu Mei Huang hand crafed collection was inspired by Taiwan's 1960's female white collar workers.

IRK Magazine very much enjoyed the fantastically fun and funny fashion show with Nicola Brindle in the Hospital Club Gallery. The birth of each new outfit through a bubblewrap opening was celebrated by an individual dance down the catwalk and a boogie on the dance floor. The individuality of each model gave a vibrancy to the outfits and the happy, engaging atmosphere was as electric and bright as the angular neon spelling out the collections title of ‘Essex Girl’.

The collection presented by Caitlin Price was accompanied by a sim directed by Amy Becker/Burnett, referencing the work of Georgia O’Keeffe, which negotiated the points of contact between the fabric and the female form, again exploring the boundaries of the domain of fashion.

On the last day of London Fashion Week Emilio de la Morena presented an impressive collection in which he envisaged constructing an ideal wardrobe for a the fun of an imaginary, Spanish muse in Los Angeles.

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