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Katty Xiomara Takes Us on a Parachute Trip

Katty Xiomara’s talent for playful elegance does not disappoint as she takes us on a “Parachute Trip” in her Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Dominated by monochromatic pallets of coral, blush and aqua, along with classic black and white, architectural lines and billowing dresses hint at the ephemeral form of a parachute in flight.

Highlighted by ruffled trim, feminine high-low minis and floor-length gowns, the ready-to-wear collection succeeds in mastering the perfect balance between chroma and texture. Throughout the collection, wide straps and square necklines transition into layers of angled geometric ruffles or vertical stripes that further reference the silhouette of a parachute jumper. Yet Xiomara also allows for looser interpretations of this theme. In more casual looks, flirty high-low ruffle-trimmed shorts are paired with conservative pilgrim-collared tops finished with a bow. Swimwear also makes an appearance as the chic 50’s inspired high-waisted bikini is featured with romantic cover-ups that take seaside fashion to a new level. The collection is a cacophony of unexpected textile collaborations that include crinoline overlays, mattes trimmed with satin or paired with seersucker plaids and custom prints, along with sheer fabrics framed in high-shine silks. Yet, Xiomara’s celebration of surface is successfully balanced by her incorporation of subtle shifts in monochromatic pallets and tonal variations that conjure the image of an early mornings ocean sunrise.

The show, which took place at Pier 59 Studio in New York, featured models wearing clear eye masks that applied the same arching pencil brow and exaggerated lashes found in custom prints of deconstructed parachute symbols and playful pink flamingos. Yet all playfulness aside, the attention is truly in the details in this exquisitely tailored and visually rich adventure into Xiomara’s vision that captures the freedom and lightness of floating through air.

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