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Kenta Matsushige SS/18 Collection is a Praise to the Harmony of Nature

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Kenta Matsushige’s latest collection, Spring/Summer 2018, is a praise of nature, freshness and simplicity. The formal and aesthetic qualities of the traditional Japanese kimono are revisited. No more print of lush vegetation and bright colors, the purity of forms and materials are enough for him to signify nature.

Kenta Matsushige SS18 Collection

Kenta Matsushige SS18 Collection

Kenta Matsushige graduated from the « Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne » in 2012. The young Japanese designer created his own label in 2014. He draws his inspiration mainly around the Japanese spiritual and cultural traditions. In the same year, he won the Grand Prize at « Première vision » Jury for his "Hinabi" women's collection, inspired by the architecture of Japanese museums.

Like the art of Japanese floral arrangements "Ikebana", Kenta Matsushige favours the Harmony of linear construction of rhythm, form and color in his collection. Thus, simple and natural materials are available in a range of hues restricted to white, grey and ecru.

We can feel the Japanese cultural heritage through the geometric rigour and graphic cuts, which play on the space and the depth. The shapes and materials selected do not transgress the body, they allow a comfort and a freedom of movement through sometimes oversized volumes, sometimes flexible silhouettes.

In the same way as the Japanese tradition of a mastered but respected and sacred nature, this collection invites both well-being in nature and well-being of the body.

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