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AGNES B. SS/18 Collection: Limitless Inspiration

Agnès B. Spring Summer 2018 collection is everything we could hope for from this classic yet playful french brand. Its a mix of harmonious colors, feminine cuts, and worldly inspirations.

Agnes B. obviously does not feel limited in her inspiration as the collection took us on a cultural extravaganza. Sunshine and holidays in the Caribbean islands with bright colors, Madras, and rasta stripes, and Out of Africa elegance with the perfect colonial style khaki shirt dress and pant outfits. Let's not forget Paris as the collection is still deeply inspired by European elegance with a magnificent gold and lace hooded coat, tailored dresses, and photo prints on adorable skirts and blouses. Photos were taken by Agnes B., herself, of Paris including the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and French flower fields. Agnes B. is a rebel at heart so the collection includes underground punk and goth styles with leather, fishnet t-shirts, and studded leggings.

As, Agnes B. is one of the most important patrons of the arts in Fashion, it is no surprise that she collaborated with several artists including Bertrand Loubé, JonOne, Lek & Sowat, Elzo Durt. Adding beautiful patterns and rich colors to the fabrics.

The variety of looks, patterns, and styles allow us to express ourselves as we wish and to compose a myriad of outfits!

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