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Your Way Of Life Spring/Summer 2018

Between spring floral freshness, playful ideas and neo-romantic sweetness, IRK art direction has chosen a set of creations and designers to represent the mood imagined for the SS18 editorial.

A modern romantic side emanates from these new collections. Games of transparency, pearls and pastel colors are waiting for SS18. "Le Studio Pierre" imagines an incredible body suit of powder pink knit entirely pearled. "Deux A" incorporates a thick pearl necklace at a fuchsia pink pullover and prints baroque portraits on a top and a flounce dress. XIX century inspiration is felt through the style of buttoning borrowed from the corsets of this era, that can be seen on the sleeves of the pink satin trench coat from "Le Studio Pierre".

Designers invite us to play and evoke the nostalgia of childhood. We recover the "lego" primary colors palette: dark blue and green at "Le Studio Pierre", multicolor contrasting associations at "Quoï Alexander" and at "Deux A", bright orange at "Essius"... The finishing details and materials present in the new "Quoï Alexander" collection are very playful; pop designs are printed on plexiglass and attached to clothes and the technics of openings and assemblies are almost solely made with using snaps, flashy yellow laces or silicon. In addition, the Essius trench coat with blue and white stripes and patch pockets reminds schoolboy's blouses.

The summer sea air is also felt. The Longwy jewelery brand collection of metal gilded represent various crustaceans (mussels, crabs ...) The blue Trench coat of "Le studio Pierre" obviously recall the costume of the normans fishermen.

The image of the garden in spring bloom is also reflected through the outfits. The gorgeous trench coat from the "Manish Arora Loves Derhy" collection features a multitude of embroidered irises on a bright light yellow cotton fabric background.

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