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Leonard Paris Envisions a Frosted & Tropical Fall/Winter 2018

Photography by Gilar Farjah

Leonard Paris

Leonard Paris has decided that bright colors and floral patterns are not just for Spring and Summer! The Leonard Paris Fall Winter 2018 ready to wear collection embraces frosted tropical flowers and aurora borealis blues and purples with contrasting bright reds. If you compare the Spring Summer collection to the Fall Winter collection you won't see that much of a difference. However, what makes this collection new are richly knitted red sweaters and cinched- waist floral quilted coats. IRK also noted the zipper front caftans with athletic knit turtlenecks, styled with rounded toe suede boots.

Why not wear a floral ski suit with tropical flowers on it? Why not pretend to live in the sun all year round? IRK is in full agreement with this directive for Fall/Winter 2018. Perhaps with global warming, climate change and moody weather it's best to dress in what makes you feel beautiful and happy.


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