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'Legends' the Award Winning Fashion Film on China's Greatest Designer GUO PEI

A film by Nicolas Gregorieff and Olivier Ronot" @onlyfashionnetwork

Photograph by French Cowboy for IRK' Garden of Eden issue 6 featuring gowns by Guo Pei

'Legends' award-winning Fashion Film by Nicolas Gregorieff and Olivier Ronot featured Guo Pei's Spring 2017 Collection . In her own words, Guo Pei shares with us her admiration for the French tradition for Haute Couture and compares it with her home country China. She explains that 'China is focused on fashion as a business and that the Chinese still turn to Paris for quality and high fashion.' Pei believes that this will evolve and she is certainly showing us through her creativity and dedication to quality craftsmanship that China is already there.

This collection was the inspiration for IRK's new issue "Garden of Eden". After the mesmerizing show at the historic Conciergerie, where Marie Antoinette was imprisoned immediately prior to her beheading. Guo Pei summoned her ghost to open her show with a dress specially knit from phosphorescent fabric, drifting down the darkened runway to open the show.

Every gown had IRK transfixed with awe and had our heads spinning with ideas of how we could capture Guo Pei's artistry with just a touch of IRK. We instantly contacted her people and to our delight, we got permission not only to shoot six of her gowns but Guo Pei allowed photographer French Cowboy into her showroom in Paris to take the photographs.

The gowns and jeweled accessories were extremely fragile and kept in giant wooden crates. Every detail was exquisite and one could see the two years and 1000 plus hours of craftsmanship that were put into each of her creations. Even the inside lining, that will only be seen by a lucky few, was as carefully thought out and crafted with rare silks.

The fashion film brings to light Guo Pei's inspiration for this exquisite collection and is worth seeing several times to both enjoy the gowns and to understand the creative mind of the great fashion designer Guo Pei.

Photograph by French Cowboy for IRK' Garden of Eden issue 6 featuring gowns by Guo Pei

Photographer French Cowboy in IRK Magazine, "Garden Of Eden" issue 6

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