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Fashion Designer Kyle’lyk is an "American Dreamer"

Many dream of coming to New York City and making their dreams come true, as the saying goes "If you can make it there you can make it anywhere" ! Whether your dream is to be an actor, model, business tycoon, or a fashion designer. Some dream about it, and others take steps towards making it happen, and thats just what Kyle Jang did. The debut of his KYLE'LYK menswear collection is already garnering the attention of celebrities such as Nick Jonas, Big Sean, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, along with the top menswear editors internationally. We took some time to get to know Kyle and find out about the man who is making his dream come true.

Where did you grow up? Tell us about your background, family life?

I grew up in South Korea and I always had an interest in fashion design. I have worked with women’s wear designers and men’s wear accessories designers; Title of Work, New York City under Jonathan Meizler for several years.

Where did you study?

I studied Keimyung university (fashion design) in South Korea.

What sparked your interest to go into fashion, and why did you decide on menswear instead of womens wear?

I have always had an interest in fashion and while my preference right now is designing menswear I also have an interest in designing clothing for women. I have always dreamed of developing my own collection by studying fashion design. I am ecstatic to present my brand (Kyle’lyk) and see people wear my clothes. It is very exciting to witness a design become a production. I think both men’s and women’s clothes are inter-related where they should compliment each other.

Growing up what inspired you that you implement into your designs today?

When I was in my early teen’s I became very frustrated by my mother’s taste in clothes. At that time I began to buy my own clothes based upon the trend at that time. That gave me inspiration to study fashion. Studying fashion, that is inspired by ordinary things or things that are easy to pass by in everyday life. My inspiration comes from a variety of sources.

When did you come to NYC, and why did you decide to start your business here?

I came to America in 2013 and decided New York City was the place I wanted to create my brand (Kyle’lyk) because of the city’s fast reaction to fashion.

Your first collection is very clean and light, you use a lot of white and black and some tan, and with very unique details, tell me about your palette and the details you added to the classic t shirt or pant? Also going forward do you plan to change it in any way, add prints, colors, maybe collaborate with other artists?

The inspiration for the theme of my first collection as American Dreamer is a reflection of myself. I made my palette with the similar materials and colors of the clothes I brought to America. I interpreted the American worker’s clothes in black and white photographs and in a style that is classical, modern, and personal. Most of this collection is black and white. However, people can find unique details in this collection. Details are what distinguish my brand from others. Colors, prints, etc. are all considerations when designing and will be used in future collections. Collaborations with other designers is also very important to me. I am sure, down the road, Kyle'lyk will be involved with other artists.

What is one thing that you would never design for a man to wear?

I refrain from thinking that there is anything I would not do. Design is forever changing. To say never about anything in design would be limiting creativity. For me, men and women are human beings and they should not be distinguished. I think the choice should be made by the end wearer. So in the future my brand will feature an androgenous concept.

What do you think is the most elegant thing a man can wear?

The look I feel from an elegant man is a man dressed in clothes that suit his job. A neat, clean and orderly appearance. A clean, washed, white t-shirt.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?

The most important substance in any business is perseverance. I learned many things from my first collection. Business and Design are very important concepts.

What would you say is a signature piece of the Kyle’lyk collection? And what would you like to be known for aesthetically?

One of the most outstanding pieces of this collection is the white shirt line. Aesthetically I want the Kyle'lyk brand to be known for its uniqueness with recognizable detail of fabric and absolute quality in production.

What is your favorite piece from your debut collection and do you wear your own collection?

Yes. One piece that comes to mind is a white shirt. It was designed as an item to add a variation to the classic shirt silhouette. I will continue to show various shirts in future collections.

What is up next for your line?

Now I'm working on next season. I am inspired by things that happen in everyday life. I create new themes and proceed on my own story. In the new season we will showcase a variety of unique skills in addition to Kyle’lyk.

Kyle’lyk F/W 2018

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