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Louis-Gabriel Nouchi's 'Golden Pavillion'

LGN, Spring/Summer 2019 by Louis-Gabriel Nouchi, presented a zen combination of his counterculture elegance with tailoring and sportswear: LGN's Spring/Summer 2019 was inspired by a reflection of “beauty in a world of crisis.” This collection is functional and contemporary, while still being sensitive to anti-gender styling, a strong statement in the designer's development. Nouchi's LGN presented a cohesive collection of clothing.

Many of his pieces were created with gold, and floral embroideries which engulf the body in a delicate way while crafted and assembled in denim highlighting aggressive dying and bleaching; his balance of the delicate and the brute is reminiscent of his inspiration, the fictional novel “The Temple of The Golden Pavilion”, by Yukio Mishima.

The kimono styled tailoring, with billowing shirts, high-waist suit pants and shorts, made a flowing, tranquil statement as well as an inspired direction toward function.

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