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Schiaparelli Animal Fantasia F/W 2018-19

Once upon a time there was a great magician and everything he imagined became a reality. A reality so beautiful and full of wonder that he brought utter joy to everyone. That is how we feel about Bertrand Guyon's latest Schiaparelli F/W 2018-19 collection!

Bertrand wanted to capture the spirit and personality of the Haute Couture's founder, Elsa Schiaparelli. Elsa was an eclectic artist who had an imaginative sense of humour, a love for dogs (as she wrote her own dog's memoir), she collected trinkets, and was a patron of the arts. She wore crazy hats inspired by leopard faces and rabbits and she loved hot pink! We see parts of her in the entire collection from the leopard-printed poney jackets with zebra pockets or the "Shocking" look in Schiaparelli Hot pink and even in an oversized portrait of Elsa on a white and black gown.

However we also see the modern vision that Bertrand has so seamlessly brought to Schiaparelli every season. His understanding and adoption of the brand as his own has not stopped his creativity. On the contrary it keeps growing with each collection. In this collection he threw us down the rabbit hole and we came out the other end in the jungle book. The mix of a fanciful dog faced mask, golden (Donnie Darko) rabbit head, and a head of flowers set off the feminine cuts, flowing materials and unique textures and patterns was excitingly inspirational. The best part is that every look was made to compliment a woman perfectly as each look accentuated the female form with Schiaparelli signature tailoring.

The details as usual are what made each look so strong. We loved the all in one gloved jackets, the cowboy inspired boots, the many faced animal coat in cashmere, the the dress in lagoon silk chiffon with embroidered pants with crab and sea shell pattern, and the Hooded jacket in multi-coloured neo-faux fur.

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