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PFW Story, Julien Fournié - Premier Crime

As I leave one late starting show after another and ride my bike towards chez moi in the 3rd arrondissement Paris, Mark and Delphine of L'Appart PR wave me down on Rue Saint-Honoré. I was passing and forced to stop the moment the show started, already sure I had missed it. They pull me off my bike, took the keys and pushed me inside to witness dream silhouettes marching down the runway.

Julien Fournié's FW 18-19, was a crime of the couture. A true reverie to that classic, wearable, couture so elegant it is a crime. So, being pulled off my bike by the house's PR team was obviously a blessing.

His inspirations from the heroine characters from the tales of Hitchcock, revisiting silhouettes and classic cuts. Gowns that held onto the body till the floor, flare skirts, dress suits, and traditional gowns we only see in the old movies or the MET Gala. The looks took us back to the days where heroic ladies wearing a flare skirt, tailored jacket, and heels fought off birds: Tippi Hedren in 'The Birds' by Hitchcock. A jump back in style for haute couture, but jumping leagues ahead reminding us that haute couture can be wearable, elegant and unique: something that was very heroic and feminine, not needing to break the guilds of being luxurious and modern with the frivolous or banal.

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