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Manish Arora SS19 Collection: “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Rainbows and football oh my!! In the summer of 2018, France could not have been more euphoric as they won the World Cup for the second time, so I guess it isn't that far fetched to see why the all-powerful visionary of what is happiness Manish Arora would decide to feature the faces of star football players. Top players such as M. Bappe and Neymar Jr. on bedazzled Bombers and white Ts in his Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Sportswear has a prominent role on this collection thanks to a collaboration with the Paris Saint Germain football club. The PSG logo, stiletto vertigo football inspired heels, and even football bags are throughout the collection.

The 80s are as the collection's name provokes an integral inspiration to the collection as well. IRK Magazine loves the 80s so 'hip hip and hooray' for this spot on 80s collection of huge shoulder pads, sexy plunging necklines, oversized bows and bold patterns, in a rainbow of soft pastels to shocking neon colors. Manish even went so far as to create three-dimensional leopard head shoulder pads and handbags! Confectionery cake decorations, hearts, zigzags, roses, and more also adorn the collection just to make sure you get your fill.

Thank you Manish Arora for making fashion so much fun!!!!!

The makeup is inspired by Bowie's famous lightning bolt and every face is a spectacular work of art by makeup artist Kabuki using MAC Cosmetics. Our photographer Marie Goujon took us backstage so you can see more below.

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