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The Essence of Amédéé 1851

From the first foot that I placed inside the doors of the Amedee 1851 launch event I knew that I was not going to be disappointed. Inside the beautiful doors of 60 Rue de Richelieu my eye was instantly drawn to the boldly coloured jacquard scarf hanging around the neck of guest list co-ordinator. In search of the bold printed scarf I had just seen I entered into a room which could only be described as scarf heaven. I was intrigued to see how one would even display a collection of scarves, I mean it’s just a scarf right? Wrong. Amedee turned their product into an art installation, hanging them from the roof whilst a wall length video of the ocean played making it feel like you were sipping champagne on a yacht in the French Riviera. The art installations didn’t stop there, I would compare it more to an art museum exhibit than a brand launch. Without even touching the products It was clear to me that Amedee was a brand of luxury and quality and that they prided themselves on these two factors.


When I first glimpsed the bold printed scarf I had just seen downstairs I couldn’t resist trying it on and pretending to be Lady Di in the back of a convertible on the way to somewhere that wasn’t rainy old Paris. It seemed that each scarf also came with its own bilingual human information booklet, where I was then educated on the bold jacquard print I had wrapped around my head. My personal scarf educator began to tell me about the classic jacquard design which originated in 1852, hand weaved on looms with the utmost care and precision. She went on to tell me how jacquard patterns have evolved since their first appearance in the 1800’s and how Amedee were creating their own 21st century take on the classic handcrafted pattern. After reluctantly parting with the jacquard scarf I had grown so fond of I took to the ample amounts of beautifully printed pamphlets which held information about the brands philosophy. I only had to read the sentence “the heart of voyage” and see they had one of those fancy digital video books to be lured in. It was clear to me after watching the video that Amedee had seen the luxury importance of creating products by hand with the best materials available to produce their product. It is this philosophy of not rushing the process and trusting the art of the craft which makes Amedee’s pieces like no other.

Its safe to say that Amedee has turned my naïve “a scarf is just a scarf” mind set into one that can appreciate craftsmanship in quality products.

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