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Meet Chema Diaz and Reminisce of the Year 2007

What were you wearing, listening to or doing in 2007? I would have to think about that or I can have a look at the new hot brand out of London, CHEMADIAZ.COM from Spanish designer Chema Diaz. Through his last collection, "2007" he reminds us of some unforgettable moment in pop culture, inspired by iconic stars Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan also known as "Baby the Original 2007 Holy Trinity". The collection is also inspired by the hardcore/gabber culture, known to the 90s and early 2000s. He reminds us why the year 2007 is so unforgettable!

Chema Diaz is a young creative from Spain based in London. After having worked for several different brands he decided to open his own label, based on his culture, passions and lifestyle. He is outgoing, spontaneous, and has a huge sense of humour, which he transposes in his collections. is one of the major representants of Spanish growing sub-cultures and fashion.

IRK finds Chema Diaz extremely intriguing, with his extravagant aesthetic and his cool irony. We decided to ask him some questions about how he started his brand CHEMADIAZ.COM, his vision of the fashion world and the growing Spanish fashion scene:

IRK: When and how did you start creating?

I have been designing and creating clothes since I was about 5 years old. I used to design these crazy costumes my mom would create and bring to life. I used to customize my clothes when I was young and started printing my own t-shirts in, of course, 2007.

IRK: What was your background before starting your own label?

Since I moved to London I have worked for several fashion houses in which I learnt a lot about how a fashion house works. All the mistakes of my previous bosses, and the frustration of knowing I could do better, pushed me to launch my brand almost 2 years ago.

IRK : What inspires you the most?

I am very inspired by pop culture, erotica, and personal style. I don't like to follow trends or look what other designers are doing, otherwise I design for myself from a stylist point of view. What do I want to wear that I don't have and can't find anywhere else? Then, I do it.

IRK : What do you think about the Spanish fashion scene?

I think it's popping at the moment! Many new designers are being worn worldwide. It is good to see how the world is looking at Spain and liking what my people do. My favourite designers at the moment are 44 Studio and MANE MANE.

It is important to mention as well other inspiring Spanish artists like Rosalia, Bad Gyal, C Tangana who have put Spain into the spotlight again, and have made me -and many others I know- feel proud about our country and its culture and imagery for the first time in our lives, maybe.

My newest collection to be shown next January during London Fashion Week mens will be very inspired about my perception on my country. Keep an eye on my social media for more updates! :D

IRK: What’s the message you want to send through your collections?

To be honest, I don't try to send any message. Clothes are clothes. If I want to change the world I would pack up and go to help the LGBTs in Chechenia, or I would go clean the oceans, for example. I find it super fake when a big brand tries to change the world and then donate 10% of an overpriced cotton t-shirt as a marketing technique. If you want to help a cause, donate a million dollars, it won't affect your company at all, but don't fool us.

Even so, I would like to inspire other young creators around the world to take a chance on themselves. If you're at an office you hate, you're done with your job and your boss, and have a passion, whatever it is, no matter how crazy or niche it is: stop everything and follow your dreams.

IRK: Who is the audience you talk to through your clothing?

People who can take a laugh at themselves and are not afraid of expressing themselves, horny Instagram gays and broke people with an expensive taste.

IRK: Where can we shop CHEMA DIAZ?

At the moment you can buy it online at CHEMADIAZ.COM and at the coolest shop in Berlin WSIURA (Sanderstr. 22). New stockists coming soon!

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