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Katrine K. - Prêt à couture SS 2019: Heirloom Renaissance

In the embellished setting of the “Salon Opera” of the Intercontinenatl Paris le Grand Hotel, one of the largest and most beautiful ballrooms in Paris, Katrine K. showcased their new Spring-Summer 2019 collection: “Heirloom Renaissance”.

Katrine K. Spring/Summer 2019

“From the early 19th Century and The Belle Époque to the fusion of 70s and 80s, the collection constitutes blossoming of the women's power and admiration of beauty. “

Gigot sleeves, broad shoulders, large belts and wide tailor collars where predominant silhouettes in the collection, which colors varied within beiges, deep blues, and checked outfits. Embroidered applications and hand-crafted accessories attenuated strong silhouettes, elegantly balancing stiffness and fluidity through the ensemble.

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