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Boiler Suits Take Flight At Louis Buchinho - F/W 19

When I say they took flight I literally mean they took flight due to the strategical placement of fans. Which not only made the garments look like they were ready to be front line in a spitfire squadron, but also helpful given the rather warm weather. Bomber jackets, boiler suits, coloured leather and floating sleeves, you name it Louis Buchinho had it.

Inspired by the female pioneers of aviation in the forties this collection was inspired by not only the aesthetic of the clothing, but also buy the guarantee and utility it brought to its wearers. Through the art of geometry and craftsmanship shiny leather and fake fur were able to create visual textures allowing for a modern element in the classic styles shown. By combining casual with classic and manipulating materials and colours together the Louis Buchinho collection gave us strong, affirmative and sexy, which in my opinion is all I need to ensure a very healthy fall/winter wardrobe.

Photography - L'Appart PR

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