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Nehera's Working Women - F/W 19

* screams into a make belive megaphone out the window of my uber*


It’s as if all my 5-year-old dreams of wearing my ballet costume on the high street were coming true right before my very eyes.

Once I’d regained consciousness from the news that white tights were finally fashionable and figured out the quickest route to the nearest tight dealer, I was put into a hypnotising trance by the rest of the Nehera fall winter collection. Focusing on creative women (big tick from me there Nehera!) the collection found inspiration in the functional working attire of artists. Lab coats and smock shirts were adapted into sleek and structured garments and satin was used in order to create the perfect drape that hugged the female form seamlessly.

Photography- Shoji Fuji

If the clothes and white tights weren’t convincing enough that the collection was as comfortable as it was sleek and stylish, the diverse model selection with fresh faces allowed for viewers to connect to the brand and live the “I could totally pull that off” moment in their heads. Overall a very wearable, comfortable, inspiring collection which left me leaving the show with a list of winter essentials for next season.

Photography- Shoji Fuji

p.s Im coming for that white suit covered in hand drawn doodles *pictured above* You have been warned.

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