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Rahul Mishra's "Village Diary" Collection at the Paris Fashion Week

It’s a typically busy day at the Paris fashion week; photographers, reporters, models and bloggers continuously transform any regular space into a chaotic scene of busy personalities for a couple of minutes. After the show is over, the space is empty and the race is on to catch the next one on the other side of the city. There is no time to stop or go back, moving forward is the only direction. It’s the reality of the fashion industry, especially fast-fashion, a reality that only few designers dare to defy, and Rahul Mishra is one of them.

Last Saturday, under the metropolitan gray and windy skies, the slow-fashion Indian designer opened a window that transported us into the forgotten scenes of our past. This season Rahul Mishra recounts a story of a nostalgic voyage into his hometown, Malhouise, in which he strolls through his childhood house, now abandoned by humans and inhabited by nature.

Photo courtesy of Rahul Mishra

The collection echoes the story of nature reclaiming the land lost to man. It starts with playful compositions of purely gray striped fabrics and progressively unfolds more vibrant colors including laces and hand embroidered flowers overlapping the stricter greys. Large silhouettes, layering and long tops over pants bring an Eastern air into the looks. In his typical style, Rahul embraces his roots throughout the collection.

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