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A Glimpse into the M.A.C. Powder Kiss Cabaret

Photograph by Andreas Hofweber

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick Shade Extension

By the time showman Billy Rose’s club the Diamond Horseshoe closed in 1951, the glamorous yet bawdy venue had hosted it’s share of decadent late nights. Rose, a former Ziegfeld follies producer and famed Broadway lyricist, opened the Times Square cabaret in 1938 to showcase vaudevillian and burlesque acts and it wasn’t long before it could boast of famous visitors such as Orson Welles, Jimmy Durante, and Laurence Olivier. The club even inspired a 1945 Technicolor musical film starring Betty Grable.

Alan Cumming by Jared Siskin

Susanne Bartsch and Alan Cumming by Andreas Hofweber

The legendary spot seemed to momentary travel back in time this past April 9th when M.A.C Cosmetics hosted the M.A.C. Powder Kiss Cabaret event. Guests consisting of artists, fashion editors, models, celebrity stylists, and top makeup artists mixed with the crème de la crème of New York nightlife to view acts such as a high flying trapeze artist who simultaneously sang opera to a scantily clad male dancer who stood on pointe when he wasn’t twirling around a stripper’s pole to a perfectly pitched classically trained Drag Queen vocalist.

Performer by Jared Siskin

Dirty Martini by Andreas Hofweber

Performers by Andreas Hofweber

The cabaret, brilliantly MC’d by actor Alan Cumming and New York Nightlife Icon Susanne Bartsch, was part of M.A.C Cosmetic’s various Pro to Pro Events held internationally throughout the year. The events harken to the cosmetic giant’s roots in the early 90’s when diversity and inclusivity were a mainstay of the company, even employing a young Rupaul and a minimal make up wearing K.D. Lang as spokespersons for the brand.

Performers by Jared Siskin

Click through gallery below for additional photos from the event.

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