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A Decade of Love - Victoria/Tomas

When Victoria Feldman and Tomas Berzins marked their tenth anniversary of their brand Victoria/Tomas they took a symbolic action. The two designers, one from Latvia and the other from Russia, met during their studies at the Esmod school in Paris and have been together ever since. In September 2012, they launched their brand. In its first decade, Victoria/Tomas established itself as a parisian brand known for its distinctive aesthetic, reimagined silhouettes, and genuine partnership between two designers who always infuse their work with passion, sincerity, and love.

On September 27, the second day of this years Paris Fashion Week they shared this love story through an energetic and seductive spring/summer 2023 collection titled "Decade of Love". Victoria herself opened the show, holding her six-month-old baby Rain in her arms, in a white creased minidress. It was a beautiful symbol to show the beginning of something new. The designer duo stated that they wanted to share a real, sincere and authentic story with the public.

IRK loved to hear from the designers that, like last years collection, most items of this collection can be reversed. Throughout the show, we saw the heart symbol on numerous models, integrated into logos, patches, and other embellishments. This seasons jubilee collection didn't lack fringed skirts and striped cotton shirts which are shortened in the front and left long and loose in the back. Sweatshirts and cropped shirts easily exposed the belly. A series of minidresses created in vertical appliqué stripes constructed from scraps of past collections as well as a bomber jacket with an edgy sense of glitz and glam stood out. Straight-cut khaki jackets had tone-on-tone heart-shaped appliqué patterns, bringing a lovely touch to utilitarian shapes. As a result of a cooperation with the new high-end corsetry line Chantelle X, the wardrobe is especially seductive with translucent black fishnet, lace bodysuits, and lingerie that can be worn under a jacket.

Victoria/Tomas never fails to incorporate their work with passion, sincerity, and love that is the foundation of the brand. Leaving us to wonder curiously whats in store for their next decade of collections filled with love!


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