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Andrew GN's Powerful Spring 2020 Collection

This season, Andre GN’s refined and feminine style took a twist of sassiness. The Madame Pompadour inspired collection evoked a spirit of the 18th century, including marked waistlines with more voluminous skirts, as well as conservative necklines, lace, and the designer’s iconic floral prints. This spirit was modernized with punk leather boots and accessories, as well as contemporary hairstyles such as minimalist buns. The bright floral prints of the collection also gave a colorful and less uptight side to the collection.

Photos Courtesy of Andrew GN.

The show started surprising us with a geometrical cut mini dress in denim. But immediately contrasted with the second look which included a buttoned white mini dress paired with a light cape in a traditional blue and white floral print. Consecutively, the looks contrasted into a large diversity of textures and movements, which culminated in a gorgeous canary yellow gown with satin and organza floral applications in vivid colors.

In an interview with Irk Magazine the designer explained his source of inspiration for this collection:

My inspiration was this woman from the 18th century named Madame Pompadour, she was from a very humble background, but then she became the mistress of Louis XV, and she was not only known for her beauty, but also for intelligence and also her involvement in art and politics. So, for me, she is a very modern woman for her time.

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