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AUGUSTA: Embracing Authenticity and Artisanal Elegance in Home Décor

lifestyle color photograph of handmade textile art, home decor
Augusta bag

In a world driven by mass production and uniformity, handmade textile art offers a refreshing departure from standardized, automated processes. Augusta, a premier décor brand, celebrates this authenticity by offering unique, handmade, and made-to-measure pieces. Each creation by Augusta's dedicated textile artists and artisans is more than just a decorative item; it tells a story and forges a special connection with its owner.

Each Augusta piece is personal and distinct. Inspired by nature and travel, combined with an appreciation for the atmosphere and monochromatics of minimalist, contemporary spaces, every creation reflects a deep passion for art, meticulous attention to detail, and sincere craftsmanship. Materials, colors, and designs are thoughtfully selected, with the creation process ranging from days to weeks, depending on the complexity. This level of commitment ensures the quality and originality of every Augusta product.

color photograph of handmade textile art, home decor
Augusta home decor

Choosing quality artisanal objects over mass-produced items has significant ecological and ethical benefits. Artisanal production processes are often more sustainable, utilizing natural materials and processes that minimize environmental impact. Augusta's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices ensures that each piece is not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.

The charm of handmade products lies in their imperfections. Handmade works have small variations that make each piece one of a kind. These "imperfections" elevate the value of the pieces, providing proof of the artisanal process and the identity of each creation. Embracing authenticity and finding joy in life's genuine and unique aspects is a powerful and fulfilling way to live. Augusta's pieces offer tasteful elements that stay true to this wabi-sabi philosophy.

Augusta home decor

Sofi Alurralde, a journalist and brand consultant from Argentina now based in Paris, created Augusta to honor her late father. "My dad was always my best friend and supporter in each crazy idea I had, motivating me to follow my dreams. With a positive spirit, tenacious, ambitious, and generous soul, he always taught me: 'No matter what you do, always do so with your feet on the ground and your gaze on the sky.'"

Since his passing in 2020, Sofi felt compelled to create something meaningful to honor him. "I wanted to spread the importance of having a purpose in life, to keep going despite losing our loved ones, and to be grateful for the simple things." To her, Augusta is a link to those we love, a form of creative expression, and a quest for connection with our true selves. "My mother is an amazingly talented artist, and she also embarked on this journey that honors those bonds and affections that transcend time and distance."

Augusta home decor

To realize their designs on fabric or canvas, Augusta artists use fabric paints or acrylics; the pigmented formulas allow for the creation of customized looks and finer details with ease. To reinvigorate your dining experience, Augusta's fabric placemats add sophistication and warmth to any table setting. Their versatility and durability make them a perfect match for any occasion. They also offer a variety of bags and pillowcases.

When you order Augusta, fabrics, style, and size will be tailored to your needs. Within two weeks, you'll have your personalized design, a unique piece that adds a touch of sincerity to your home. Rediscover the beauty of handmade artisanal décor with Augusta and transform your living space into a haven of originality and human connection.

Sofi Alurralde wearing Maria Soledad Olivera Twombly with an Augusta bag, at the Hotel Hassler Roma. Photographer Emmanuel Tetto Studio.
Sofi Alurralde wearing Maria Soledad Olivera Twombly with an Augusta bag, at the Hotel Hassler Roma. Photographer Emmanuel Tetto Studio.

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Qué historia hermosa, movilizadora y llena de sentimientos.

Me encanta el talento del arte de artesanía única y exclusiva.

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