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Bard College’s Early College Program Saves Students Tens of Thousands

Bard College’s Bard High School Early College Program for disadvantaged young people in public high schools. Bard Early College’s leads a national network of public high schools that enable disadvantaged young people to complete two years of tuition free college education credit during the traditional four years of high school making it possible to obtain a high school and college degree in 6 years. This make it possible for high school students who face significant obstacles to college completion to earn 60 college credits and an Associate in Arts degree concurrently with a high school diploma, tuition free. Over 2700 students are enrolled nationwide.

Bard’s early colleges can save up to approximately $27,200 for students at public colleges and $72,600 for students at private colleges by reducing the time needed to complete a bachelor’s degree.

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Sponsored by the Louis D. Srybnik Foundation

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