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Boutet Solanes

BOUTET SOLANES was born in 2020 under the impulsion of Coco Boutet & Jose Maria Solanes. IRK had the chance to talk with the designer duo during the presentation and learned more about their personal background and creative inspiration. Coco, designer trained at Celine, Louis Vuitton and Dior, is obsessed with minerals. Jose Maria, photographer known for his confident portrayal of woman is fascinated with the yet to be discovered. They told us that for this collection, together they sculpt a woman that is a determined explorer in search of the next dazzling stone.

Starting in Paris, for their first presentation in the official PFW calendar Boutet Solanes took us on a journey to measure the earth with their bodies and pick up stones along the way. The designers tell a story of a woman who is in this world but not of this world since she has not been shaped by society. She sees it as an uncharted territory where discoveries have yet to be made. She collects agates and wears them in prints, stones are being used as buttons. She is walking with sodium, peering through quartz while in a spiral with an ammonite.

Notable details include organic prints inspired by gemstones, buttons made of stones, casual, flowing dresses that contrast with fitted jackets and shirts, organic and natural color palettes, and all with a modernity in styling. The woman who has embarked on a journey to discover the next precious stone displays her eclectic wardrobe that her trips have inspired. IRK loved how the setting as well as the clothing leave everything to interpretation.


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