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Sugar Coated, Candy 'OVERDOSE'

Patrick Michael Hughes Senior Fashion Editor

Photographs and Film by Julius Hayes

LAZOSCHMIDL S/S 22 Photographed and Filmed by Jullian Hayes

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 digital presentations has once again bought to light new and ascending brands. The Swedish/German brand LAZOSCHMIDL founded by Josef Lazo and Andreas Schmidl is an anticipated Paris Fashion Week fascination. The design team delved into the concept of 'copy' within their own brand. The reuse of prints and silhouettes within the brand's script writing fashion creation process, manifested in a Spring 2022 collections makes sense like a Indie film sequel or a mash-up remix by an underground D.J only known to the truly digitally hip.

Film Still LAZOSCHMIDL S/S 22 by Julian Hayes

Re-imagined, hijacked and appropriated are not new by any means but what is fascinating is when one sees a successful manifestation. This season the design team partnered with Julius Hayes with artistic direction by Andreas Schmidl. The collection was filmed on the location at Fotografiska Stockholm. The result is a colorfully saturated, bathroom/backstage/ backroom sexual environment, recalling George Michael's 1998 hit 'Outside' .The album was released after the singer was caught engaging in a lewd act by an undercover policeman in a public lavatory. It also affirms for a new generation the unapologetic, sexual proclivities and voyeurism of British writer Joe Orton, author of numerous dark and cultural comedies. Alfresco sex was re-branded, reworked and retold in this culturally instep men's /non-binary fashion collection. LAZOSCHMIDL stated 'that they were imagining the golden age of German techno via Los Angeles 2022.' However, for this fashion lens their work recalled New York's Stephen Sprouse's truly downtown prints, Fiorucci of the early nineteen- eighties a golden era of color with the styling sense of Patricia Field's gender inclusive eye.

The fashion film was broken up by a runway presentation to an empty room with a confetti finale. Advertisement slogans were placed throughout the collection on t-shirts. The messages were connected to consumer culture specifically, online shopping commands. The brand states that consumerism is in fact sexy and needed for our mental health ... this sounds like a brand wanting and waiting for retail to get it's heads together LAZOSCHMIDL's client's party has started.

LAZOSCHMIDL featured a wide array of prints including their famous cow print and recycled fabrication made from PET bottles. A striking noteworthy prints are the psychedelic lava and the checked OP art prints ideal for completing a truly indulgent downtown style for Zoomer generations. The knits in the collection were made of mohair a wonderful contrast to the sexy high-waist, skintight patent pants in yellow... and there was 'rave ready tie-dye'

This was a strong collection and one that is growing and clearly poised to be popular with the swiftly returning venues and end events alfresco during the Spring/Summer 2022.


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