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DAB Bolivia: A Radiant Celebration of Bolivian Culture and Fashion's Rich Tapestry

By Patrick Duffy

Gypsy Sport by Alen Strobel for DAB Bolivia

Amidst the vibrant cultural landscape of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, the annual DAB Bolivia fashion event unfolded on September 22, 2023, illuminating the Centro Cultural Santa Cruz with a captivating spectacle of Bolivian fashion's boundless creativity. Organized by DAB – Diseño y Autores Bolivianos, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing and celebrating Bolivian fashion design co-founded by cultural innovators and designers Juan Carlos Pereria Paz, Juan Pablo Tarifa, and Andrés Jordan. The event was a grand stage for ten exceptional designers to unveil their latest collections.

The Fashion Night: A Dazzling Display of Andean Aesthetics, Folk Dances, and Bolivian Heritage

The runway, transformed into a captivating canvas, came alive with a symphony of textures, colors, and silhouettes, each piece meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of Bolivian heritage, nature's splendor, and sustainable practices. The audience, captivated by the artistry on display, witnessed an enthralling fusion of traditional Andean motifs with contemporary designs, a testament to the boundless creativity that pulsates within Bolivian fashion.

"Returning to a physical event fills us with excitement." Andrés Jordan, Co-Founder of DAB Bolivia

Uta by Juan de La Paz: An Ode to Home and Andean Roots

"Uta," which means "home" in Aymara, encapsulates the essence of belonging and roots. Each garment in this collection carries the spirit of family, the connection to our Andean roots, and the cultural richness that defines the concept of home in the region. The transparent pieces stand out, showcasing embroideries inspired by the Caporal dance.

Ch'aska by ACBY: A Fusion of Dark Colors and Vibrant Contrasts

With bold silhouettes, the collection embraces a palette of dark colors, highlighted by vibrant contrasting colors that evoke a sensation of celestial brightness. The juxtaposition of deep tones and bright accents adds depth and dimension to each piece.

Preste by Liliana Castellanos: A Blend of Revealing Transparencies, Free Fringes, and Sexy Necklines

"PRESTE" is an essay on the brand's most iconic silhouettes, blending revealing transparencies, free fringes, sexy necklines, delicate baby alpaca, and jeans. The collection intertwines among flowers and leaves, paying homage to the rich Bolivian culture in flavors, aromas, and colors.

Highlight: "Contemplation" by Río Uribe for Gypsy Sport in the Valley of the Moon

The stunning Valley of the Moon in La Paz became the stage for a unique "Contemplation" by Río Uribe for Gypsy Sport. The fusion of fashion and nature created a magical atmosphere, where Gypsy Sport's collection celebrated 10 years of innovation and style.

"It fills us with pride to welcome the talent of our dear friend Rio Uribe, celebrating his brand Gypsy Sport." Juan Carlos Pereira Paz, Co-Founder of DAB Bolivia

In addition to the La Paz runway shows, the 9th edition of DAB Bolivia offered unique experiences in other cities. At the Museum of Precious Metals in La Paz, Liviluxe by Fátima Cespedes presented a "Contemplation" of its handmade jewelry, merging craftsmanship with elegance. In Santa Cruz, Liviluxe held an intimate presentation, while D'Addario opened its doors in an "Open Studio," revealing the secrets behind its luxurious Amazonian sustainable leathers.

Head of Hair and Makeup: Anja Kieselbach leads a Great Bolivian Team

Thanks to the presence of the renowned German hair and makeup artist, Anja Kieselbach, and her role as Head of H&M in this Edition, the synergy achieved with the Bolivian salon Sitrino, experts in hair and make up for folkloric local dances, was awesome, prove of that are the elaborate beauty looks were created for each segment in the Fashion Night and for the Gypsy Sport Contemplation.

Beyond the Runway: A Complete Experience of Gastronomy, Art, and Tourism

Beyond the runway, DAB Bolivia offered a complete gastronomic experience on its agenda. Two routes accompanied designed by the founders of DAB to showcase the spirit and heritage of Bolivia. The "La Cholita Paceña" and "Santa Cruz, a luxury destination" routes took participants on a journey through gastronomy, coffee and wine tastings, visits to artisan workshops, museums, and tourist sites, connecting with the rich Bolivian culture.

A Resounding Success: Positioning Bolivia as a Unique and Valuable Destination

The resounding success of the DAB Bolivia fashion event stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the future of Bolivian fashion. The event's unwavering commitment to showcasing the country's rich sartorial heritage, coupled with its dedication to fostering innovation and sustainability, has undoubtedly propelled Bolivian fashion onto the global stage. As the industry continues to flourish, the DAB Bolivia fashion event remains a cornerstone, nurturing the next generation of designers and positioning Bolivian fashion as a force to be reckoned with in the international fashion arena.

"We are very proud to showcase the best of Bolivian talent to the world." Juan Pablo Tarifa


DAB Bolivia: @dabbolivia Creators and producers: @ jcp393 @ andres_jordan @ juapi_sariri Brands: Juan de La Paz: @ juandelapazofficial ACBY: @ artisan_acby Liliana Castellanos: @ lilianacastellanos_oficial Liviluxe: @ liviluxejewels D’Addario leathers: @ leather.daddario Gypsy Sport by Rio Uribe: @ gypsysport @ riosport Hair and Make up: @ ak_hairmakeupworkshops web:

PH: @ valentinaluizaga @ alanstroebel

Alcaldía de La Paz : @ lapazciudaddelcielo @ lapazculturas



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