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Dawei Spring/Summer 2020

Once again, Dawei impressed the public with its urban and constructed aesthetic.

This season the brand mixed its iconic stripes with minimal curvilinear forms.

Photo courtesy of Dawei

The first looks consisted of fitted jersey dresses which repeated a minimalist print evoking a woman on its left side. Later, the collection evolved into much larger volumes which played with the striped prints to enhance the geometrical cuts that distinguishes the brand. Vivid orange and pastel pink were present in various looks, including two dresses which merged the ideas of a basic sleeveless tank top with a very fluid draping in satin crepe.

Photo by Fany Yun Ling

Look number seven included one of our favorite details, a double Mao collar on the right side of the shirt. Towards the end of the show, six full-white cotton looks added a great sense of lightness to the ensemble of the collection. Followed by other white looks combined with pieces of blue striped metallic organza.

The studio included two models with late pregnancies which not only emphasized the abstract curves of its collection, but also the silhouette of the human body in its different forms.

Photos by Yannis Vlamos, courtesy of Dawei

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