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Eva's Village Offering a Fresh Start

Eva's Village provides care and support for people who are struggling with poverty, hunger, homelessness, and addiction. To that end, Eva's Village provides a recovery-oriented community of supportive services which include food, shelter, addiction and mental health treatment, childcare, job training, medical and dental care, and housing.

Through 37 years of service in the Paterson community, Eva’s has established a unique record in helping individuals struggling with poverty, addiction, and mental illness. The organization has grown from a simple soup kitchen into one of the most comprehensive and respected providers of treatment, recovery and supportive services in New Jersey. 

Eva's Village operates residential, Halfway House programs for men and women struggling with substance use disorders.  The Men's Halfway House has capacity for 103 men, and the Women's Halfway House has capacity for 36 women. These programs provide comprehensive treatment with all the services and therapies needed to help individuals recover from addiction.  The three-phase programs are staffed by certified alcohol and drug counselors and supports the transition from addiction to a life of dignity and independence.

The Hope Residence at Eva’s Village opened in 2008 to provide a safe haven and comfortable family environment for mothers struggling with homelessness and/or substance use disorders, and their children. The residential Halfway House Treatment program at the Hope Residence has capacity for 24 mothers and their children.

At the Hope Residence, mothers are given the support they need to get back on their feet through counseling, recovery support services, and Workforce Development training, as well as life skills and parenting guidance.

While moms receive the support they need, their children are nurtured and cared for through on-site childcare and after-school programs, as well as summer program. Therapeutic services are also offered for mothers and children together, helping them to forge and strengthen their bonds. All services are gender-specific and trauma-informed.

At the forefront Eva's Village respects and treats people with Dignity giving Mothers, Fathers and children the support they need to survive and thrive.

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