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IRK Magazine Celebrates the Launch of "Human" Issue 12 at L'ARC Paris

Magazine release at L'ARC
IRK Human issue model Elza Matiz with her friends. ©Bouchhioua Mohamed Anouar

IRK Magazine's much-anticipated "Human" issue made its grand entrance with a lavish celebration at the iconic L'ARC Paris. The star-studded event, hosted by editors Mia Macfarlane, Julien Corginou, and Patrick Duffy, attracted a vibrant mix of the magazine's collaborators, including photographers, stylists, and models. Together, they toasted the launch of an issue that delves into the beauty and diversity of the human experience.

The evening was a dazzling showcase of creativity and connection, epitomized by the work of renowned photographer John Daniel Lorieux, whose images in IRK from the top of the Centre Pompidou encapsulate the theme of the "Human" issue. Lorieux captured the essence of the event, remarking, "It was a night of creative energy and celebration. The launch of IRK's 'Human' issue was a powerful reminder of the importance of connection and storytelling."

L'arc party
Aphrodite Delarp ©Bouchhioua Mohamed Anouar

IRK's "Human" issue captures the essence of humanity through the lens of its diverse contributors. The magazine spans continents and cultures, featuring imagery from the bustling streets of Nashville to the serene landscapes of Sri Lanka and Ghana. This issue dives into profound themes such as ethical employment in the fashion industry, the cultural impact of AI companion Xiaoice with 660 million users worldwide, and the transformative potential of Blockchain, highlighted in interviews with industry leaders like Rachel Rose, Sandy Carter, Steve Dakh, and Raina Ajami.

IRK co-editor-in-chief Julien Crouigneau, IRK Model Cassandre Santenac, IRK co-editor-in-chief Mia Macfarlane and Richard Voltem Leon ©Bouchhioua Mohamed Anouar

Laura Restelli Brizard and Jean-Daniel Lorieux ©Bouchhioua Mohamed Anouar

Exclusive interviews enrich the issue further, spotlighting music industry celebrity designer Andrew Clancy of Any Old Iron, LGBTQ sustainability advocate Rylé Tuvierra, and mentalist Vinny DePonto. Esteemed art photographers Valérie Belin and Tabitha Soren also share their insights.

The "Human" issue features seven exclusive photo editorials. Highlights include a shoot atop the Centre Pompidou by the iconic Jean-Daniel Lorieux, four editorials by French Cowboy including "Weaving Hope" in Sri Lanka and "Sequins & Stars" in Nashville, an experimental fashion editorial "Kaleidoscope" by New York photographer Pari Dukovic, and "Centuries of Fluidity" by IRIS Brosch, showcasing 11 models in a captivating display of diversity.

IRK Living editor-in-chief Patrick Duffy, actor Laurent Paris, IRK co-editor-in-chief Mia Macfarlane and contributing editor Sofia Alurralde. ©Bouchhioua Mohamed Anouar

Guests enjoyed an evening of elegance and camaraderie, supported by the generous contributions of Dom Perignon and Belvedere Vodka, alongside the chic ambiance of L'Arc nightclub.

The launch party at L'ARC Paris was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the rich tapestry of human experience that IRK Magazine's "Human" issue so beautifully encapsulates.


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