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Paris FW: LVMH Métiers d'Arts Debuts Dazzling New Headquarters.

Jean Baptiste Voisin and Matteo De Rosa

Paris: On June 28th, the Parisian based creative force, LVMH Métiers d'Arts, unveiled their stunning new offices and ateliers in grand style.

The event was co-hosted by Matteo De Rosa, CEO of LVMH Métiers d'Arts and Jean Baptiste Voisin, the President of Métiers d'Arts and Strategy Officer for LVMH. Their presence lent weight to the occasion, signifying this new space wasn't just a location, but a platform for fostering creativity, collaboration, and the pursuit of excellence. Titled "La Main" (French for "the hand"), the launch event honored the exquisite craftsmanship and savoir-faire of the ateliers.

Held in a historic landmark – a Gustave Eiffel-designed building located at 69 rue Reaumur – the event transformed the space into a vibrant celebration of art, design, and inclusivity, echoing the evening's themes focused on togetherness, diversity, and inclusion.

Singer Songwriter - Lomijoh

Guests were enthralled by a magnificent live performance from singer-songwriter Lomijoh, whose soulful melodies filled the space. As the night progressed, DJ Thomas Laverne took the helm, spinning an electrifying set that kept the energy high.


But the artistic expression wasn't confined to the music. Orchestrated by WHo CAREs!? Chronicles, The entire event showcased Metiers d'Arts' commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

Cyrielle Hariel, BFM Impact anchor and WHo CAREs!? Chronicles Founder Nora Gherbi

The delicious food, meticulously prepared and served, was provided by Biscornu, a remarkable company that empowers people with disabilities, proving that exceptional service and cuisine transcend any perceived limitations.


Nuel Bans Creative director Debonair Afrik

Guests included, Erica Reid, Founder of Necessite, Artist Stefania Tejada, Creative Director of Irk Magazine Mia MacFarlane, Nuel Bans Creative director Debonair Afrik, Julia Gulatee from Chanel, Cyrielle Hariel BFM Impact Anchor, Leatitia Crahay founder of Maison Michel, Eileen Akbaraly founder of Made for Woman, Designer Francesca Basta, Nathalie de Marco from Aquafil, Model Marie Kone, and many more talents that make the fabric of today’s global creative scene.  Throughout the night, the air buzzed with excitement as guests explored the new Métiers d'Arts space.


The evening’s fusion of artistic expression, innovation, and social responsibility perfectly embodied the spirit of LVMH Métiers d'Arts. The new offices and ateliers, housed within the historic Eiffel-designed building, stand as a testament to the brand's dedication to both creativity and inclusivity. With this launch, Métiers d'Arts has undoubtedly set the stage for a future filled with artistic brilliance while preserving craftmanship, crafting lasting connections and fostering social impact.

Photos by Lodovico Colli



About Métiers D’Arts LVMH:

LVMH Métiers d'Art declares itself a bridge builder, fostering connections between tradition and progress, skilled artisans and creative minds, and prestigious brands with the finest manufacturers. They champion mastery in every step of the process, from raw materials to finished products. By nurturing and empowering businesses, they share knowledge and best practices. They offer new possibilities for established companies, a secure future for those with rich heritage, and international careers for local talent. They stand out as unique, globally integrated, and impactful, driven by excellence, innovation, and ethical practices. In essence, they are the embodiment of luxury and the future itself.


About WHo CAREs!? Chronicles:

Who Cares Chronicles aims to bridge the gap between environmental awareness and practical action by offering content, education, resources, and guidance for businesses and individuals who want to operate more responsibly.


About Biscornu:

Biscornu is an inclusive catering company. Biscornu hires people with disabilities. Their goal is to create a work environment where everyone feels welcome and can contribute their talents. The company is driven by a desire to create a more inclusive society.



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