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Milan FW: Artisan Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence - Tod’s First Men's Collection by Matteo Tamburini

Casual luxury, ostrich bags, and soft, almost Silky tones - this is what the very First Tod’s Menswear 24/25 collection by Matteo Tamburini brought to our attention.

You say: “more?”  

l say: “Let’s spill the tea in our style review together!”

In this age of artificial intelligence domination we tend to forget about the major element which fashion relies on at its core as an industry. The foundation to the emergence of those creative designs we cherish so dearly: the art of craftsmanship. Yet  we may still find this luxury delight in houses such as Tod’s, which demonstrated a complete, and exquisitely qualitative men’s collection. As their representative stated: “For Tod's, more than ever, it is important to support the values ​​of craftsmanship and keep people at the center of our interests, at a time when artificial intelligence is developing with great speed and power.... Craft intelligence with all its ancient certainties will be a very useful tool to keep the individual at the center of the development process, which society will have to face in the near future.”

The globally recognized "Made in Italy" craftsmanship could play a crucial role in showing that such achievements are possible when there's a desire for it.

Starting from the “Made in Italy” fabrics, we face the beauty that this collection translates to us. In Matteo Tamburini’s debut collection, the primary goal was to unearth and choose fabrics that are distinguished by their softness, lightness, and exceptionally smooth texture, reminiscent of the gentle touch of pashmina when felt. 

As we can see, the goal was successfully reached!

We can see this in the outerwear that includes the Bomber, the Gio Jacket and the Shirt Jacket, and especially, our favorite combination was the short gabardine trench coat, combined with the in-tone gabardine pants. The outerwear collection showcases unique craftsmanship on fine linens, featured across both structured, formal-style blazers and more casual overshirts. These pieces are enhanced with a lining membrane and are heat-sealed for added durability, as seen in the Field Jacket, creating a contemporary look that doesn't compromise performance.

Furthermore, this vision was well-reflected in the newly presented bags: the new Di Bag, and especially the one presented in ostrich leather, which caught our attention the most.

“What about the styling?” -  You will ask.

In Matteo Tamburini's inaugural Men's Collection for Tod's, the spotlight is indeed on quality, fabrics, and intricate details.  Yet, we can see many styling hacks, such as monochrome looks, fabrics mix, tackled in cashmere sweaters, all of which exudes one and same motivation - a classic charm and distinct Italian sophistication, embodying a modern yet polished aesthetic.

The exceptional harmony instilled by these values and Tamburini's creative vision not only sets a high bar for future collections but also places artistry back in the heart of fashion. Ensuring the unconditional appreciation of craftsmanship regardless of our world’s rapid evolving trends and technology. This collection not only captures our attention, it captures our imagination; an elegant reminder that true style is eternal.

Article by Viktor Kozak and Camille blanchard


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