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New art meets old in Galerie Jaeckin's exhibition «Pop Corner»

Galerie Jaeckin’s new exhibition «Pop Corner» pays homage to Pop Art with an exclusive collection of pieces created by both new and experienced artists.

«The most important criteria for the art featured in our exhibition was that it had to be fun and have good energy,» partner and curator Sabine Scemama reveals to IRK.

Featured in the exhibition is new talents such as MMM, but also experienced artists such as Jean-Daniel Lorieux, Hiro Ando, Just Jaeckin and his daughter Julia Jaeckin.

A portrait from the exhibition. Courtesy of photographer Julia Jaeckin.

«I like the idea of giving young artists the opportunity to be featured in an exhibition alongside big and influential artists. It’s important to give young artists a helping hand, however, I focus most on the energy and the feeling that their art gives me», Scemama says.

It is MMM’s series «Bambi» from 2019 that is included in «Pop Corner». It consists of old vintage movie posters from «Bambi» of Walt Disney with graffiti painted on top of them.

One of the pieces featured by MMM. Courtesy of Galerie Jaeckin.

Natanaël’s photography series from Hong Kong is another feature. Natanaël’s «Le Cycliste» was the first photograph chosen for his series. As explained by Scemama; «he loved the photo, but missed half of the front wheel. Still, he wanted to use it, so he mirrored it and made it symmetric. He liked the mirror effect so much he did it with all of the photos in the series.»

Just Jaeckin’s portrait of Marie Laforêt from 1970, Chloé Pop Art’s «Mickey» and Hiro Ando’s «Robot Cat» from 2006 is also among the featured pieces in the exhibition. Other artists included are French Cowboy, Julia Jaeckin and Giancarlo Fabbi.

Portrait by photographer Jean-Daniel Lorieux. Courtesy of Galerie Jaeckin.

«Pop Corner» is available until February 17th and can be visited at Galerie Jaeckin’s locale in the 6th Arrondissement in Paris.


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