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Paris Photo a Visual Extravaganza

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Paris Photo, presents its 21st edition from 9 to 12 November 2017 at the Grand Palais in Paris.

A Photography lovers must see event. Paris Photo offers access to the best photography in the world with more than 180 galleries and publishers. The festival offers a complete panorama of the history of photography, from historical and modern works to contemporary creation, from rare and limited editions to previews of artists' books . Paris Photo invites its visitors to deepen their knowledge of the photographic medium through exhibitions, awards, signature sessions, events, series of discussions led by artists, curators, critics and invited historians.

Sarah Moon

The photographs by Sarah Moon exposed by Camera Obscura are unsettling by their pictorial aspects and their impressions of softness. Indeed, the veiled light caused by the quality of the carbon print as well as the diaphanous light that emanates from the photography reminds us of impressionist works.

Thus the "Le chapeau grenat" creates an illusion evoking, with finesse and elegance, painting through the contemporary eye of a photographer.

Sarah Moon, Le chapeau grenat, 2016, ©Sarah Moon, 57 x 43 cm, Tirage charbon couleur, Œuvre exposée par : CAMERA OBSCURA

Dominique Paul

The surprising series of photomontages "Insects of Suriname" by the artist Dominique Paul exposed by Miyako Yoshinaga depicts an extraordinary and psychedelic world worthy of a painting by Jerôme Bosch. The idea of ​​metamorphosis and hybridity of the body being central in his work. Dominique Paul transforms "insects" by fragmentation, mutation and games of scaling the bodies the men from Suriname, the least densely populated country in South America.

Dominique Paul, Insects of Suriname 23, 2014, ©© Dominique Paul, 198 x 147 cm, Archival pigment print, Œuvre exposée par : MIYAKO YOSHINAGA

Harry Gruyaert

The light in Harry Gruyaert's photographs are so absorbing that it almost gives off heat. The graphic rigor conferred by the straights lines of the shadows and the design of cars and buildings marks the affirmed style of Harry Gruyaert. Appearing calm and empty the landscapes are akin to a break in time, a suspended moment, in the manner of Edward Hopper painting.

East/ West, 2017, Éditions Textuel, 21 x 312, livres reliés sous coffret, Œuvre exposée par: TEXTUEL

Christianne Feser

Christianne Feser plays with our senses by proposing a work that combines two dimensions and three dimensions. Clever volume and shades deceive our visual perception. An ingenious optical illusion is imagined by the photographer with the use of shadow, giving impression of a graphic drawing.

Christiane Feser, Partition 75, 2017, ©Christiane Feser110 x 80 x 2 cm, Photo Object - Archival Pigment Inkjet Print, Œuvre exposée par : ANITA BECKERS

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