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Interview with Patrick Church: Living & Breathing Art

For Patrick Church, the boundaries between self-expression and space blur. The acclaimed British-born, New York-based fashion designer isn't just known for his bold and evocative collections; his home itself transcends the ordinary, transforming into a three-dimensional canvas brimming with his unique artistic vision.

Intrigued by the interplay of color, texture, and personal narrative that defines both his art and his living space, IRK Magazine ventures into Patrick Church's world. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiration behind his captivating home, exploring how it reflects his artistic journey, personal stories, and the essence of his creative spirit.

All Photos Courtesy of Patrick Church

Step inside the home of Patrick Church, the renowned fashion designer whose vibrant creations have taken the world by storm. Here, the lines between fashion and living space blur, as his iconic aesthetic seamlessly blends vintage and contemporary styles. Functionality and artistic expression live in perfect harmony, creating a truly inspiring environment. Join us as we unlock the door to Patrick Church's world, a home that embodies the very essence of living art.

IRK: Your home is a beautiful expression of your artistic vision. What were some of the key inspirations behind the design process, and how are they reflected in the space?

Patrick Church: I think there is a big difference between taste and style, I have never claimed to have good taste, but I know what I like. I think as a creative person it's important to be surrounded by things that both inspire you, and your own work. 

IRK: Your artwork is known for its bold and evocative use of color. How did you approach selecting the color palette for your home, and how does it contribute to the overall atmosphere you aimed to create?

Patrick Church: I have never been limited to just canvas, my husband says I paint on anything that's not nailed down. Each room I saw as a chance to pull from one of my artworks and expand into a three-dimensional setting, In each of my bedrooms, they started with painting on canvas and grew from that singular idea.

IRK: Your work often explores themes of identity and self-expression. How does your home serve as a canvas for these explorations, and are there specific elements or details that hold personal significance for you?

Patrick Church: In many ways my artwork has always been a diary. It’s a way to express what's going on in my life and works as a horoscope of things to come. I can look at any past artwork and tell you what I was doing at that time. This is my first home and I share it with my husband and much of the artwork and interiors reflect our relationship. It's filled with artwork I personally love and interior elements that I included because they remind me of him. 

IRK: Your website mentions the importance of storytelling in your work. How does storytelling translate into the design of your living space, and are there particular narratives or themes you aimed to convey?

Patrick Church: My most recent example would be the pink bedroom I created, the concept started with my desire to mural the walls in a kind of constellation. Once that was laid out I worked backwards to fill the space and a lot of the elements that ended up in the room reminded me of my grandmother's house back home. As a guest room the kind of whimsical sense of the room is really interesting to me, imagining guests spending time in such an immersive environment is really fun to me. 

IRK: The fusion of vintage and contemporary elements in your home is captivating. Can you walk us through your process of blending these styles to create a cohesive and unique aesthetic?

Patrick Church: If you have seen my artwork you can probably guess there's not a lot of planning, I kind of live by the idea that you know it when you see it. We are very visual people and are always searching for new pieces that we think would work in our space and compliment my artwork. I also enjoy shopping for vintage or unique pieces I can paint on. 

IRK: Many of your pieces are rich in texture and detail. How did you incorporate texture into your home design, and what role does it play in shaping the tactile experience of the space?

Patrick Church: For me it's important when creating a more monochromatic space to push the experience with experimenting with texture to create a more maximalist space in my own way. The only thing that I am afraid of are cold and sterile places, so it's a balance between expression and functionality.

IRK: The arrangement of objects in your home feels both intentional and organic. Can you discuss your approach to curating and arranging these objects, and how they contribute to the overall ambiance of the space?

Patrick Church: The whole process is quite organic, I think one of my few virtues is confidence when it comes to my creative process. Spaces should be functional, yes, but that kind of spark you get from being in a room that really inspires and captivates you isn't just about functionality. 

IRK: Your home exudes a sense of creativity and authenticity. How do you strike a balance between functionality and artistic expression in the design, ensuring that the space feels both livable and inspiring?

Patrick Church: I prioritize inspiration over functionality, luckily I have a partner who is the opposite, so I have had ideas that he has edited down in a way that makes living in the spaces a little simpler, however all in all, less clutter to me makes a space feel more functional. I always try to make sure I am editing, just like I do with my artwork and clothing, it's the only way to strike a balance. Do the most and take away what's not necessary. 

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