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PFW MEN: Our Highlights From Tranoï

After a long absence of cultural events, Paris starts to regain some of its traditional artistic buzz and charm as vaccinations continue to progress and businesses are allowed to open again. Men’s fashion week was the occasion for the “Palais de Tokyo” to refresh its good old fashion spirit by holding the Tranoï trade show for the very first time.

Irk Magazine had the opportunity to appreciate the work and talk with its talented designers which mostly oriented their work into a light and a quite colorful direction, reflecting the Parisian spirit which beholds with optimism the next months to come.

Three young brands in particular retained our attention for their bolder creativeness and optimistic style.


L’école est finie

Naomi Gunther created the brand in 2019 and is particularly committed to holding many eco-friendly standards. Their clothing is entirely manufactured in Paris and intends to highlight high French craftsmanship.

This spring-summer 22 collection is inspired by a ¨vintage¨ ideal of the traditional French middle schooler look. The name of the collection as well as the handwritten logos embroidered in the shirts was actually created by kindergarten kids.

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Created in 2018, the designers Bertille and Thomas orient their brand into a merging style between contemporary streetwear with a 1970´s renegade vibe. Mouty is particularly fearless of color and lightness, which defies the usual tailored style of menswear.

Lila, pink, floral patterns, and a couple of sheer tops were the guiding lines of this collection.

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Corn Face

Ruben Bissoli is one of those designers who are not afraid to be different, whose sense of humor is not incompatible with being fashionable. The brand is remarkable creative and filled with detail, its spirit is young and whimsical, and its universe is complex and well-constructed.

This collection is loosely inspired by a surrealist adventure of an American southern boy, it blends a quite innocent use of colors, fabrics and details with a deconstructed version of classical cowboy cuts.

For a detailed insight into the 8IGB collection read our article by our senior fashion editor Patrick Hughes.

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