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PFWMen's HENRIK VIBSKOV Fall/Winter 2020/2021


The message above and an image of a pipe sculpture portrayed at the invitations for Henrik Vibskov's show hinted that this season the designer was once again inspiring himself from domestic scenes: this time a bath. Warm earthy colors illustrated the intimacy of the theme, while the diversity of textures and patterns alluded to several visual elements of a classic bathroom: glossy surfaces, old-fashioned tiles motives, towels, and flower prints as seen through misty mirrors. Vibskov maintained his classical playful spirit; chequered patterns were repeatedly matched in different sizes and colors within the same looks, hats were styled with cap-shaped objects covering the sides of the head, and pink handbags imitating a sink and a pipe gave the final touches of irreality to the collection.

All aspects of the show (such as its location) meant to represent the broader concept of a bathroom as a place meant to hold a ritual of intimacy and peace. As we entered the exquisite alley of the American Cathedral in Paris, several sculptured pink bathtubs had models mysteriously hiding under large pink hats, standing still waiting to start their performance about bathing time. Ethereal music and sounds of running water at the opening and closing of the show integrated with the peace of the models' walk and the graceful movements of the performers acting out a bath.

Photos by Victor Jones. Courtesy of the designer.

The designer meticulously but gracefully achieved to keep the collection very accurate to its concept in all it's different levels, while keeping it modern and relevant to today's trends. The brand also gave a great example of environmental responsibility by using sustainable materials for 95% of its styles as well as creating awareness about overconsumption by having made its invitations for the show digital.

Photos by Victor Jones. Courtesy of the designer.

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