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Ron Poisson's Fall Fashion Tribe

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Patrick Michael Hughes Senior Fashion Editor Men's Fashion Writer

Photography by Rico Kinnard


NEW YORK: Culture changes, the music changes, generations move-on and markets shift...Fall 2022 for Ron Poisson has made an impressive fashion pivot. The results are a slick and real-time media ready campaign speaking to, a youthful generation of beautiful people seeking a polished street wise fashion statement.

CULT OF INDIVIDUALITY shifted their venues from 'music stadium' often seen by tens of thousands raging fans of groups such as Papa Roach, Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses and others to an elevated, youthful, fashion tribe. The look is bold and graphic, the right time and creative message. Fall 2022's campaign was photographed on location in New York City's 48Lounge a elegant venue known for its high energy nightlife, sophisticated atmosphere and cocktails.

Poisson's Fall 2022 brand partnership is with the groundbreaking band the Sex Pistols, is noteworthy fashion news and a new step terms of expanded branding and market presence. Poisson moves the Sex Pistol's recognizable 'ransom note' style type and graphic sense forward into street wear items in embellished jersey, denim and leather outerwear. The recognizable graphic iconography was originally created by artist Jamie Reid and graphic designer Neville Brody. What Poisson has tapped into a key piece of the Punk fashion story to recall. Punk clothing was a well-crafted fashion statement created by artist, boutique owner and music impresario Malcolm McLaren and his then girlfriend Vivienne Westwood. Aspects of the recurring nineteen seventies look are ingrained in a popular sensibility of youthful fashion statements.


What is different is that Poisson's Fall 2022 campaign and iteration of 'Sex Pistol' is that it has a far more Hip-Hop baseline, a street wise house beat well suited for a young urban fashion client. These sharp and groomed looks are far from DIY Punk ideas crafted from the thrift shop bin, but rather a New York boutique look meets expensive downtown art school. In the past the brand's model castings and online retail presentation was far more tattoo laden, rough trade and perhaps even a hustler. Poisson is currently in collaboration with Mykel Smith Creative, Producer, as a result the direction choices have placed the brand on the pathway of positioning itself, with far more fashion allure, for a youthful market. Poisson stated that one of the reasons for going in a more fashion direction is "I needed to start caring. So that's why, I started working on the past shows and started changing our photography for editorials and things like that to make it more fashion; the brand has evolved so much in 2022."

HVMAN with CULT T-shirt and Hat

CULT's music and concert life style branding is still in the mix however, its connection is broadening, Poisson continues in "2019, I came up with the logo for the brand, that changed the brand from, really a jean brand to a whole lifestyle brand, the logo was part of that, the little guy with the crown actually, I drew that for my fans." As a result of Poisson's illustration "it allowed us to have an identity because you couldn't tell on stage or in editorials what these celebrities are wearing. We have so many faces of amazing musicians and rock stars onstage in the background and an audience of 60,000 people. People see the logo, they know the logo and the logo as surpassed the brand identity"

HVMAN (HUMAN) was a brand launched by Poisson three years ago he states "I was questioning the way society was; the war, the racism, violence, technology taking jobs. So I wanted to come up with a brand that was going to be we're all one race the human race...a human race chosen to prevail....that was the whole premise of that brand right there." Poisson continued to explain, how HVMAN is different and connected to supporting charities, "To give back we just worked with two different charities. One is called Rock to Recovery they work with recovering addicts from all ages... and we were on Long Island to work with a charity that works with homeless children ... it's really about giving back."... "CULT OF INDIVIDUALITY and HVMAN are the same. It's all about, racial equality and being human beings. The aesthetics of both brands are a little bit different, CULT OF INDIVIDUALITY is very embellished rock and roll, street. HVMAN is a much cleaner collection, where it's more about the silhouettes and the fabrications and less about the embellishment."


Both collections for Fall 2022 are deeply intertwined and inspiring each other this season. The lines are blurred but the statement graphics reminds us that they are of one mind one. One enhances the other offering breaks of solid color and soft fabrication to work with harmonizing graphic design and denim artistry. There is a real color statement from vivid primary colors and softer tones in a cooler monochromatic looks.

The denim artistry is also compelling for Fall 2022 . There are variations of embellished washes and there were finishes in an Anthracite color, anticipated as fashion's long range hit this fall. That leather look has a super skinny fit with a wrapped and bandaged details its a striking standout as are a pair of super skinny gray denim a banded windowpane motif shown with one of the statement varsity jackets in the collection. Poisson has tapped into the men's fashion mix filled with classic iconography moving a new generation's market forward. The direction and presentation of the collections is an exciting turn for Poisson and the fashionable future of both brands.





Creative Team Film Direction @jeanlondondia ..Editing @phenomenalkat ..FW22 CAMPAIGN … MODELS …@catchdodge @marilynagencyny .@kittylever @alienmgmt .@ouedraogo.yann @umodelsnyc.. @dav_dlee @statemgmt @coletallman_ @soulartistmgmt ……………..,,,,,,, Photographer @ricokinnard @ makeup @edwardcruz … nails @rachelshimnails … hair @marvtarv …… Film @jeanlondondia … assistants @ @aizay.n .. @dimasnyc , @lord_of_labels …. Creative Direction @mykel_c_smith_creative_ ..Designer @ron_poisson .. shot on location @48lounge

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