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Portuguese Talents meet the Place Vendôme

The hotel d’Evreux at the iconic Place Vendôme opened its doors to three of the most popular Portuguese designers: Katty Xiomara, Luis Buchinho, Luis Carvalho. Each designer had an original installation that the press bloggers and buyers could discover while they drank champagne and enjoyed the live music of DJ Dustin Muchuwicz.

Katty Xiomara. Photos courtesy of the designers

Katty Xiomara's presentation involved models posing sitting down at a sofa inside a minimalist cube installation. Lightness, earth colors, and playful cuts where present in every look, the large volumes, and the sandals design also gave a good spirit of comfort to the collection. Despite having such a modern installation, the ensemble still had a very organic spirit.

Luis Buchinho’s collection consisted of 47 looks and was the largest of the event. The presentation was quite dynamic; the models posed and constantly exchanged places in front of opaque screens with a modern light edge. Street style with a Lisbon spirit; the warm colors and textures of the collection, along with the styling of the looks, gave a modern and eclectic spirit to this collection.

Luis Carvalho chose to have a rather minimalist presentation, with the models standing inside squares with lights laying at the floor. In contrast with Buchinho, Luis Carvalho proposed a more elegant wardrobe for this season. The designer talked to Irk Magazine about his inspiration:

My inspiration was the 20’s, the art deco and the silhouettes of that time. I used fabrics, such as the sequins, that remind me of that decade. Also, the emancipation of women, so I worked men’s suits in women.


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