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Dressed! Ready For Paris: Through the Eyes of 3 Photographers

Pierre-Alexander Nowak,- Guest Photographer

Out of our love for creating exciting images and our deep affection for fashion, following each Paris Fashion Week we hope to show our great appreciation and thanks to the designers we met, PR firms and press teams.

As each fashion week ends I choose something particular about Paris, then models and of course the fashion. There are always a few parameters to our photographic excursion: First there are three photographers- three editorials and each team member needs to express there vision within the context of the art direction.

This collection went after the Urban Gardens of the Haut Marais, with moods inspired by Renaissance Portraits, the gardens feature historic Paris architecture and preservation artifacts highlighting stylistic details and decoration. The selected garden scenes were a mix of 15th to 16th century aesthetic architecture decoration 19th century Parisian Gardens. This was chosen as the milieu and focal point for the couture pieces. The Marais and Les Marches des Enfants Rouges provided rich textures, colours and habitat for the street and ready to wear styles.

Thank you to Metropolitan Modelling Management for the models, LISA S. and ALISA O. !

Thanks also to the immense talent of Pascale Cross styling, Art Editor Natasha Hall, and the Make-up & Hair Magician Caroline Madison.

Pierre-Alexander Nowak- Guest Photographer

FRENCH COWBOY (a Mia Macfarlane & Julien Crouigneau creation)

Mia Macfarlane  Editor- in Chief (of FRENCH COWBOY)

Callaway- Contributing Editor

Callaway- Contributing Editor


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