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"SOLILOQUY OF THE SOUL" by Eleanore Chetcuti

Dress is Vintage, Necklace & Earring, @edwardcrutchley, Boots @newrock

Model: Aaron James @aaronjames._

Creative Director: Eleanore Chetcuti @eleanorechetcuti

Creative Assistant: Sian Simpson @sianynuttall

Photographer: Louie Oe Bailey @louieoebailey

Videographer: William Hartley @williamhartley

Stylist: Eleanore Chetcuti @eleanorechetcuti & Aaron James @aaronjames._

Hair/Makeup: Chloe Tebbutt @chloetebbuttmakeup



Coat & Earring, @edwardcrutchley, Boots @topshop

Coat & Earring, @edwardcrutchley, Belt is Vintage


IRK Collaboration x Aaron James



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